Skunky Ron                                                              Get Down                                                                                                       Get Skunky! 

Skunky Ron, music, solo, Arizona, AZ


Skunky Ron's entire life has been involved in music: Coming from a musical family, he started with drums at age five, then took up guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals and  many other instruments.  Through his career, Skunky Ron has recorded and toured with many artists in varied music styles.

Skunky Ron brings all of his musical experience together to create a unique guitar/vocal style that delivers a dynamic and rhythmic dance party sound like no other solo artist: Skunk-a-Billy.  No loops, no backing tracks, no sequencing!

Skunky Ron's music is the soundtrack to the Baby Boomers' lives, yet his diverse song selection appeals to Baby Boomers' babies, too.  Young and old alike, Skunky Ron will have you dancing and singing along.


With a song selection that ranges from Waylon & Willie to Weezer and great break music to keep the party going when he is not on stage, Skunky Ron can entertain a concert sized crowd or bring the party to your living room. Skunky Ron uses Bose sound and Line 6 guitars.


Skunky Ron has performed all over the world from Maine to 6th Avenue in Austin, The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and World-famous Stagecoach Bar in Jackson Hole WY,  the Virgin Islands and Dominican Republic in the Carribean.

He has performed in every type of venue from house parties, to wineries and concert stages.

Now, Skunky Ron brings his Skunk-a-Billy sound to Southwest Florida! Look for Skunky Ron at venues like Gatorz Bar & Grill, Hurricane Charley's, Dean's South of the Border, TT's Tiki Bar, Nav-a-Gator Grill, Cass Cay, The SandBar, Paradise Grill, Captian Eddie's  and more.


"Skunky Ron made our 'End of the World' party the best party ever" -- Kathy

"Our friends still talk about Skunky Ron playing at our wedding"-- Serena and Bill 

                                                     Upcoming Appearances  


              Sun, Jan 13, 12-4pm: TT's (The Tiki) Bar, Punta Gorda

              Tue, Jan 15, 6-9pm: Paradise Grill, Nokomis 

              Wed, Jan 16, 630-10pm: Englewood (Big) Moose Lodge, Englewood 

              Fri, Jan 18, 6-9pm: Nav-a-Gator Grill, Lake Suzy

              Sat, Jan 19, 6-8pm: Shady Palm Grill, Naples

              Tue, Jan 22, 6-9pm: Paradise Grill, Nokomis  

              Thu, Jan 24, 530-830pm: End Zone Sports Grill & Tiki, Englewood

              Fri, Jan 25, 6-10pm: Lock N' Key, Englewood Beach

              Sat, Jan 26, 1-5pm: Gatorz Bar and Grill, Port Charlotte

              Mon, Jan 28, 1-5pm Sandbar Tiki and Grill, Englewood Beach  

              Wed, Jan 30, 5-8pm: Captain Eddie's Seafood Restaurant, Nokomis 



              Fri, Feb 1, 7-10pm: Punta Gorda Moose Lodge, Punta Gorda  

              Sat, Feb 2, 6-8pm: Shady Palm Grill, Naples  

              Sun, Feb 3, 12-4pm: TT's (The Tiki) Bar, Punta Gorda 

              Tue, Feb 5, 6-9pm: Paradise Grill, Nokomis   

              Fri, Feb 8, 7-10pm: Gulf Cove (Little) Moose Lodge, Englewood 

              Sat, Feb 9, 1-5pm: Gatorz Bar and Grill, Port Charlotte  

              Sun, Feb 10, 4-8pm: Lock N' Key, Englewood Beach

              Wed, Feb 13, 1-5pm Sandbar Tiki and Grill, Englewood Beach 

              Sat, Feb 16, 6-8pm: Shady Palm Grill, Naples 

              Sun, Feb 17, 12-4pm: TT's (The Tiki) Bar, Punta Gorda

              Tue, Feb 19, 6-9pm: Paradise Grill, Nokomis 

              Sat, Feb 23, 1-5pm: Gatorz Bar and Grill, Port Charlotte

              Sun, Feb 24, 6-10pm: Hurricane Charley's, Punta Gorda 

              Tue, Feb 26, 6-9pm: Paradise Grill, Nokomis



              Sat, Mar 2, 6-8pm: Shady Palm Grill, Naples 

              Tue, Mar 5, 6-9pm: Paradise Grill, Nokomis 

              Wed, Mar 6, 630-10pm: Englewood (Big) Moose Lodge, Englewood

              Fri, Mar 8, 7-10pm: Gulf Cove (Little) Moose Lodge, Englewood  

              Sat, Mar 9, 1-5pm: Gatorz Bar and Grill, Port Charlotte  

              Fri, Mar 8, 4-7pm: Hawgz & Dawgz, Punta Gorda   

              Sat, Mar 16, 6-8pm: Shady Palm Grill, Naples

              Sun, Mar 16, 4-8pm: Lock N' Key, Englewood Beach

              Tue, Mar 19, 6-9pm: Paradise Grill, Nokomis 

              Fri, Mar 22, 7-10pm: Punta Gorda Moose Lodge, Punta Gorda  

              Sat, Mar 23, 1-5pm: Gatorz Bar and Grill, Port Charlotte 

              Sun, Mar 24, 6-10pm: Hurricane Charley's, Punta Gorda  

              Tue, Mar 26, 6-9pm: Paradise Grill, Nokomis 

              Sat, Mar 30, 1-5pm: Gatorz Bar and Grill, Port Charlotte



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04 Joker.mp3

09 Heartaches by the Number.mp3

13 Slide.mp3

10 Somebody's Baby.mp3

17 500 Miles.mp3



        Skunky Ron is available for house parties, reunions, weddings, barbeques, birthdays, 

                                                  wine tastings, public events and more.



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